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Assil Diab Arab Hip Hop Festival

Assil Diab

Assil Diab


Assil is a Sudanese visual female artist. Check out her range of work including canvases painted using only spraycans.

Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1988, Assil is originally from Sudan. She’s female artist residing in Qatar, holding a BFA in graphic design from VCU Richmond, Virginia. At her time in VCU, she double majored in fashion design for two years. She’s a freelance graphic designer and artist by profession and owner of Design I Visual Communication Company. Recently, she assisted one of the world’s best calligraffiti artist, El Seed, in the calligraffiti Salwa Road Project in Qatar. Her artwork has been exhibited in VCU Qatar campus and other art institutions. She recently collaborated with LAS Fashion in a Charity Fashion Show where her artworks were sold along with LAS design to raise charity funds for the victims of the Savor building collapse incident in Bangladesh.